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  • 1:14:57 Popular The Walking Target (1960)

    The Walking Target (1960)

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    Stars: Ron Foster, Joan Evans, Merry Anders Directed by: Edward L. Cahn An ex-con has one thing on his mind (or maybe two) after spending five years in the Slammer. But his hot ex-gal pal, the flat foot who took him down, and the local gang boss are all h

  • 1:34:13 Popular They Made Me a Criminal (1939)

    They Made Me a Criminal (1939)

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    Exclusive PizzaFLIX Movie Class Edition! This gritty Warner Brothers classic stars JOHN GARFIELD as a cynical prizefighter, along with Claude Rains, Ann Sheridan, and The Dead End Kids. BUSBY BERKELEY, known for his Song & Dance extravaganzas, directs his

  • 1:24:04 Popular Quicksand (1950)

    Quicksand (1950)

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    Movie Class by PizzaFLIX Special Edition! Stars: Mickey Rooney, Barbara Bates, Jeanne Cagney, and Peter Lorre Director: Irving Pichel In this late-era FILM NOIR, a grease monkey sinks deeper and deeper into the dark underworld after committing a petty cri