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  • 59:42 Popular Woman Unafraid (1934)

    Woman Unafraid (1934)

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    EXCLUSIVE Movie Class PizzaFLIX Edition! Stars: Lucile Gleason, Lona Andre, Jason Robards, Sr. Director: William J. Cowen An aging policewoman vows to keep the dance halls on her beat free from a dangerous gangster!

  • 1:29:01 Popular Mr. Imperium (1951)

    Mr. Imperium (1951)

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    Exclusive PizzaFLIX Movie Class Edition! Stars: Lana Turner, Ezio Pinza, Debbie Reynolds Director: Don Hartman In this forgotten MGM Technicolor musical, a sultry nightclub singer dreams of becoming a star and meeting her very own "Prince Charming." Spark

  • 1:12:33 Popular The Midnight Lady (1932)

    The Midnight Lady (1932)

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    Exclusive Movie Class Edition! Stars: Sarah Padden, Claudia Dell, Theodore Van Eltz Director: Richard Thorpe A dazzling young blonde, raised to believe her mother had died, is now engaged to a respectable lawyer. SURPRISE! Mom is actually alive and thrivi

  • 1:24:04 Popular Quicksand (1950)

    Quicksand (1950)

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    Movie Class by PizzaFLIX Special Edition! Stars: Mickey Rooney, Barbara Bates, Jeanne Cagney, and Peter Lorre Director: Irving Pichel In this late-era FILM NOIR, a grease monkey sinks deeper and deeper into the dark underworld after committing a petty cri

  • Popular The Silver Horde (1930)

    The Silver Horde (1930)

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    Director: George Archainbaud Stars: Joel McCrea, Evelyn Brent, Jean Arthur Adventure and Romance on the harsh Alaskan coast. When a rugged salmon fisherman hooks both a bad girl and a society doll, he must choose which one to throw back!

  • Popular The Zero Hour (1939)

    The Zero Hour (1939)

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    Stars: Otto Kruger, Frieda Inescort, Adrienne Ames Director: Sidney Salkow A theater producer and his protege star fall in love and decide to wed. In route to their nuptials, tragedy strikes and the would-be groom ends up bound to a wheelchair. Nine years

  • 1:13:25 Popular Assassin of Youth (1938)

    Assassin of Youth (1938)

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    Stars: Luana Walters, Arthur Gardner, Dorothy Short Writer/Director: Elmer Clifton After a high-school girl gets involved with teenage dope fiends, a reporter poses as a soda jerk to infiltrate the gang!

  • 1:19:04 Popular The Ring (1952)

    The Ring (1952)

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    Stars: Gerald Mohr, Rita Moreno, Jack Elam Director: Kurt Neumann A young Mexican-American in East Los Angeles uses the boxing ring to make a better life for himself and his family, and learns as much about being a Latino in a white society as he does abo

  • 1:21:54 Popular Under the Red Robe (1937)

    Under the Red Robe (1937)

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    Stars: Raymond Massey, Conrad Veidt, Annabella Director: Victor Seastrom Cardinal Richelieu spares the life of a convicted duelist provided he will capture the leader of the Huguenots.

  • 1:20:13 Popular The Great Commandment (1939)

    The Great Commandment (1939)

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    Stars: John Beal, Maurice Moscovitch, Albert Dekker Director: Irving Pichel Portrays the conversion to Christianity of a young Zealot and a Roman soldier through the teachings of Jesus in his Parable of the Good Samaritan.

  • 1:05:06 Popular The Forgotten Village (1941)

    The Forgotten Village (1941)

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    Directors: Herbert Kline, Alexander Hammid Writer: John Steinbeck This documentary hosted by Burgess Meredith, examines the conflicts between the coming of modernization and the traditional culture of a small Mexican village.

  • 1:24:54 Popular Paradise in Harlem (1939)

    Paradise in Harlem (1939)

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    Stars: Frank H. Wilson, Mamie Smith, Norman Astwood Director: Joseph Seiden The story of comedian Lem Anderson, whose long-awaited chance to act dramatically vanishes when he witnesses a mob killing and is forced to leave town.

  • 1:18:23 Popular Follow Your Heart (1936)

    Follow Your Heart (1936)

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    Stars: Marion Talley, Michael Bartlett, Nigel Bruce Director: Aubrey Scotto An eccentric musical family is kept in order by a talented daughter with modest ambitions. Stars Kansas-born Metropolitan Opera diva Marion Talley.

  • 52:43 Popular Dangerous Holiday (1937)

    Dangerous Holiday (1937)

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    Stars: Ronald Sinclair, Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams, Hedda Hopper Director: Nicholas T. Barrows A young violin prodigy is assumed kidnapped after he runs away from home.

  • 59:28 Popular Broken Strings (1940)

    Broken Strings (1940)

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    Stars: Clarence Muse, Sybil Lewis, William Washington Writer/Director: Bernard B. Ray After noted violinist Arthur Williams suffers a hand injury which ends his playing career, his hopes are transferred to his son, who prefers swing music to classical.

  • 1:19:39 Popular Breaking the Ice (1938)

    Breaking the Ice (1938)

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    Stars: Bobby Breen, Charles Ruggles, Dolores Costello Director: Edward F. Cline A boy leaves home to Philadelphia and sings at an ice rink to raise money for his widowed mother.