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1979 - 1970

  • 1:26:41 Popular The Gatling Gun (1971)

    The Gatling Gun (1971)

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    Stars: Guy Stockwell, Woody Strode, Patrick Wayne Director: Robert Gordon Two deserters take a Gatling Gun from their cavalry unit to steal gold from an Apache tribe, but the cavalry and the Apache go after them... and the Gun.

  • 1:27:44 Popular Warhead (1977)

    Warhead (1977)

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    Stars: David Janssen, Karin Dor, Christopher Stone Director: John O'Connor A weapons expert is reluctantly sent on a mission to a middle-east warzone to locate a lost nuclear warhead and dismantle it before it falls into the wrong hands. But before he can

  • 1:37:13 Popular Eagle in a Cage (1972)

    Eagle in a Cage (1972)

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    Stars: John Gielgud, Ralph Richardson, Billie Whitelaw Director: Fielder Cook In 1815, a soldier becomes the governor of St. Helena and jailer of Napoleon!

  • 1:27:17 Popular The Wackiest Wagon Train in the West (1976)

    The Wackiest Wagon Train in the West (1976)

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    Stars: Bob Denver, Forrest Tucker, Jeannie Riley Creators: Elroy Schwartz, Sherwood Schwartz Four episodes of "Dusty's Trail" TV series edited together into a movie: "Tomahawk Territory", "Horse of Another Color", "There is Nothing Like a Dame", and "The

  • 1:27:08 Popular Dead Aim (1975)

    Dead Aim (1975)

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    Stars: Glen Lee, Venetia Vianello, James Westerfield Director: José Bolaños In this stylish western, a father and his adopted son search for the things they most want in life; for the son it's love, but for for the father it's gold.

  • 1:17:23 Popular UFO: Target Earth (1974)

    UFO: Target Earth (1974)

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    Stars: Nick Plakias, Cynthia Cline, LaVerne Light Writer/Director: Michael A. DeGaetano An electronics expert searching for evidence of aliens picks up signals that he believes are from an alien spacecraft--and they are coming from a lake near town.

  • 1:26:15 Popular End of the World (1977)

    End of the World (1977)

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    Stars: Christopher Lee, Sue Lyon, Kirk Scott Director: John Hayes After witnessing a man's death in a bizzare accident, Father Pergado goes on a spiritual retreat, where he encounters his alien double bent on world conquest.

  • 1:20:54 Popular Track of the Moon Beast (1976)

    Track of the Moon Beast (1976)

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    Stars: Chase Cordell, Leigh Drake, Gregorio Sala Director: Richard Ashe A young man is transformed into a hideous "moon beast" due to a meteor fragment lodged in his body.

  • 1:29:09 Popular The Werewolf of Washington (1973)

    The Werewolf of Washington (1973)

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    Stars: Dean Stockwell, Katalin Kallay, Henry Ferrentino Writer/Director: Milton Moses Ginsberg A reporter who has had an affair with the daughter of the U.S. President is sent to Hungary. There he is bitten by a werewolf, and then gets transferred back to

  • 1:30:53 Popular The Severed Arm (1973)

    The Severed Arm (1973)

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    Stars: Deborah Walley, Paul Carr, David G. Cannon Writer/Director: Thomas S. Alderman Trapped in a cave, five men cut the arm off of another companion in order to ward off starvation. After they are saved, their victim seeks revenge on them one by one.

  • 1:30:46 Popular Isle of the Snake People (1971)

    Isle of the Snake People (1971)

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    Stars: Boris Karloff, Julissa and Carlos East Directors: Juan Ibáñez, Jack Hill Evil scientist runs a veritable army of LSD crazed zombies. The inhabitants of a small, remote island have been practicing voodoo rites and worshipping an evil p

  • 1:25:22 Popular Scream Bloody Murder (1973)

    Scream Bloody Murder (1973)

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    Stars: Fred Holbert, Leigh Mitchell, Robert Knox Director: Marc B. Ray A disturbed boy kills his father with his farm tractor and his arm is mangled in the process. He's taken to a mental hospital where he's outfitted with a hook to replace his lost hand

  • 1:29:37 Popular Grave Of The Vampire (1972)

    Grave Of The Vampire (1972)

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    Stars: William Smith, Michael Pataki, Lyn Peters Director: John Hayes Writer: David Chase (screenplay) When Kroft, a legendary vampire, returns from sleep. and attacks a woman necking in a grave, the child born feeds only on blood from his mother's breast

  • 1:36:05 Popular The Master Touch (1974)

    The Master Touch (1974)

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    Stars: Kirk Douglas, Giuliano Gemma and Florinda Bolkan Director: Michele Lupo Despite the objections of his wife, an expert safe-cracker plans one last job -- a million dollar heist with the help of a circus gymnast!

  • 1:31:49 Popular They Call Me Halleluja (1971)

    They Call Me Halleluja (1971)

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    A revolutionary hires a mysterious gunfighter to take down emperor Maximilian by seizing a purse of jewels intended to be used to purchase weapons. (a.k.a. Mi chiamano Alleluja)