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Film Noir

  • 1:11:48 Popular Walk The Dark Street (1956)

    Walk The Dark Street (1956)

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    Stars: Chuck Connors, Don Ross, Regina Gleason Director: Wyott Ordung Chuck Connors plays an over-the-top psycho pitted against a Korean War in an interesting psychological game of wits. The print is rough to say the least... but it's the best we have fou

  • 1:18:05 Popular Trapped (1949)

    Trapped (1949)

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    Stars: Lloyd Bridges, Barbara Payton, John Hoyt Director: Richard Fleischer U.S. Treasury Department agents go after a ring of counterfeiters.

  • 1:38:45 Popular Too Late for Tears (1949)

    Too Late for Tears (1949)

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    Stars: Lizabeth Scott, Don DeFore, Dan Duryea Director: Byron Haskin Through a fluke circumstance a ruthless woman stumbles across a suitcase filled with $60,000, and she is determined to hold onto it even it if means murder.

  • 1:20:21 Popular Time Table (1956)

    Time Table (1956)

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    Stars: Mark Stevens, King Calder, Felicia Farr Director: Mark Stevens As a train speeds through the Arizona night, a man posing as a physician holds up the baggage-car crew and escapes with a $500,000 payroll.

  • 1:04:20 Popular They Made Me a Killer (1946)

    They Made Me a Killer (1946)

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    Stars: Robert Lowery, Barbara Britton, Lola Lane Director: William C. Thomas A young girl tries to prove a man innocent of robbery and murder charges.

  • 1:30:49 Popular The Second Woman (1950)

    The Second Woman (1950)

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    Stars: Robert Young, Betsy Drake, John Sutton Director: James V. Kern In flashback from a 'Rebecca'-style beginning: Ellen Foster, visiting her aunt on the California coast, meets neighbor Jeff Cohalan and his ultramodern clifftop house. Ellen is strongly

  • 1:22:27 Popular The Scar (1948)

    The Scar (1948)

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    Stars: Paul Henreid, Joan Bennett , Eduard Franz Director: Steve Sekely Pursued by the big-time gambler he robbed, John Muller takes a new identity, with ironic results. Also known as The Man Who Killed Himself, and Hollow Triumph.

  • 1:19:47 Popular The Man Who Cheated Himself (1950)

    The Man Who Cheated Himself (1950)

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    Stars: Lee J. Cobb, Jane Wyatt and John Dall Director: Felix E. Feist A veteran homicide detective who has witnessed his socialite girlfriend kill her husband sees his inexperienced brother assigned to the case.

  • 1:03:59 Popular The Lady Confesses (1945)

    The Lady Confesses (1945)

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    Stars: Mary Beth Hughes, Hugh Beaumont, Edmund MacDonald Director: Sam Newfield Shortly before she is to be married, a young woman gets a visit from her fiance's wife, who had been missing for seven years and presumed dead.

  • 1:10:46 Popular The Hitch-Hiker (1953)

    The Hitch-Hiker (1953)

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    Stars: Edmond O'Brien, Frank Lovejoy, William Talman Writer/Director: Ida Lupino When was the last time you invited death into your car? Two fishermen pick up a psychotic escaped convict who tells them that he intends to murder them when the ride is over.

  • 1:28:47 Popular The Green Glove (1952)

    The Green Glove (1952)

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    Stars: Glenn Ford, Geraldine Brooks, Cedric Hardwicke Director: Rudolph Maté An ex-soldier and his new girlfriend comb France for a valuable relic...which others are willing to kill for. From the director of the Noir classic D.O.A.!

  • 1:24:44 Popular The Chase (1946)

    The Chase (1946)

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    Stars: Robert Cummings, Michèle Morgan, Peter Lorre Director: Arthur Ripley Writers: Cornell Woolrich (book) Chuck Scott gets a job as chauffeur to tough guy Eddie Roman; but Chuck's involvement with Eddie's fearful wife becomes a nightmare.

  • 1:25:48 Popular State Department: File 649 (1949)

    State Department: File 649 (1949)

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    Stars: William Lundigan, Virginia Bruce, Jonathan Hale Director: Sam Newfield U.S. Foreign Service officer matches wits with a Chinese warlord to try to save American citizens threatened with execution.

  • 1:03:37 Popular Shoot to Kill (1947)

    Shoot to Kill (1947)

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    Stars: Russell Wade, Luana Walters and Edmund MacDonald Director: William Berke A woman apparently marries a corrupt deputy D.A. to get evidence that a certain criminal was framed for murder.

  • 1:10:10 Popular Shock (1946)

    Shock (1946)

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    Stars: Vincent Price, Lynn Bari, Frank Latimore Director: Alfred L. Werker A psychologically distraught woman is committed to a private sanitarium by the man whom she witnessed commit a murder.

  • 1:08:58 Popular Shed No Tears (1948)

    Shed No Tears (1948)

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    Stars: Wallace Ford, June Vincent, Mark Roberts Director: Jean Yarbrough A wife convinces her husband to fake his death so they can collect on the life insurance. However, he doesn't know that she has been having an affair for some time, and she has plans