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1949 - 1940

  • Popular The Magnificent Rogue (1946)

    The Magnificent Rogue (1946)

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    Stars: Lynne Roberts, Warren Douglas, Gerald Mohr Director: Albert S. Rogell Cinematography: John Alton While her husband is away fighting during WWII, a young wife successfully manages his advertising business. A snag develops when the husband returns an

  • Popular The Scar (1948)

    The Scar (1948)

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    Cinematography: John Alton Stars: Paul Henreid, Joan Bennett , Eduard Franz Director: Steve Sekely Pursued by the gangsters he robbed, a thief murders a lookalike psychiatrist and assumes his identity. In an ironic twist, the dead shrink had bigger proble

  • Popular Close Up (1948)

    Close Up (1948)

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    Stars: Alan Baxter, Virginia Gilmore, Richard Kollmar Director: Jack Donohue When a Nazi war criminal is accidentally caught on film by a newsreel cameraman, he will do everything in his power to get the negative!

  • I Killed That Man (1941)

    I Killed That Man (1941)

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    Stars: Ricardo Cortez, Joan Woodbury, Pat Gleason Director: Phil Rosen On the eve of his execution, a condemned man decides to tell the authorities who hired him to commit the murder but is killed by a poison dart before he can divulge the name!

  • Popular Trouble at Melody Mesa (1949)

    Trouble at Melody Mesa (1949)

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    Stars: Brad King, Cal Shrum, Walt Shrum Director: W. Merle Connell When his father dies of suspicious circumstances and an uncle plots to take over the family ranch, the son turns to the town Marshal for help.

  • Saddle Mountain Roundup (1941)

    Saddle Mountain Roundup (1941)

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    Stars: Ray Corrigan, John 'Dusty' King, Max Terhune Director: S. Roy Luby A mysterious killer called The Raven is on the loose, and the Range Busters must prevent him from killing an old man and his servant.

  • Popular Invisible Ghost (1941)

    Invisible Ghost (1941)

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    Stars: Bela Lugosi, Polly Ann Young, Betty Compson Director: Joseph H. Lewis After his wife deserts him, the town's leading citizen becomes a homicidal maniac and only a sole a terrified woman knows his ghastly secret!

  • 59:57 Popular The Big Show-Off (1945)

    The Big Show-Off (1945)

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    Stars: Arthur Lake, Dale Evans, Lionel Stander Director: Howard Bretherton In this wacky musical comedy, a shy nightclub pianist poses as a masked wrestler to win the heart of his band's beautiful vocalist (Dale Evans).

  • 1:01:43 Woman In Brown (1948)

    Woman In Brown (1948)

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    Stars: Conrad Nagel, Fritz Kortner, Reinhold Schünzel Director: W. Lee Wilder In Hungary, a rich baron discovers that there are extensive oil deposits underneath nearby properties owned by villagers. He manages to convince all the property owners to

  • 1:18:10 Where's My Man To-Nite (1943)

    Where's My Man To-Nite (1943)

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    Stars: Emmet Jackson, George T. Sutton, L.K. Smith Writer/Director: Spencer Williams During World War II, a young African American is forced to continue his family's tradition of military service when he is drafted into the United States Army.

  • 1:09:18 They Raid by Night (1942)

    They Raid by Night (1942)

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    Stars: Lyle Talbot, June Duprez, Victor Varconi Director: Spencer Gordon Bennet During WWII, a trio of highly trained commandos is sent to rescue an officer being held prisoner in Nazi Norway.

  • 1:04:29 The Yanks Are Coming (1942)

    The Yanks Are Coming (1942)

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    Stars: Henry King, Mary Healy, Jack Heller Director: Alexis Thurn-Taxis In this upbeat WW II comedy, a popular band joins the army with the idea of putting on shows for troops overseas. During rehearsals, a battle erupts and the musicians must exchange th

  • 1:14:12 Popular The Navy Way (1944)

    The Navy Way (1944)

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    Stars: Robert Lowery, Jean Parker, William Henry Director: William Berke Writer: Maxwell Shane The experiences of a disparate group of young men as they make their way through Navy boot camp.

  • 1:11:17 The Man Who Walked Alone (1945)

    The Man Who Walked Alone (1945)

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    Stars: Dave O'Brien, Kay Aldridge, Walter Catlett Director: Christy Cabanne A war hero returns home following a medical discharge and ends up entangled with a young woman speeding away from her wedding day in her fiance's car. Seeing the soldier, she give

  • 1:43:15 The Adventures of Tartu (1943)

    The Adventures of Tartu (1943)

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    Stars: Robert Donat, Valerie Hobson, Walter Rilla Director: Harold S. Bucquet Stevenson, a British soldier fluent in Rumanian and German, goes undercover to sabotage a German poison-gas factory. He turns himself into Jan Tartu, a member of the Rumanian Ir

  • 50:13 Tanks a Million (1941)

    Tanks a Million (1941)

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    Stars: William Tracy, Joe Sawyer, Noah Beery Jr. Director: Fred Guiol William Tracy stars as Dodo Doubleday, a feckless Army draftee blessed with a photographic memory. On the verge of being booted out of service because of his constant bumbling, Doubleda