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  • Of Human Bondage (1934)

    Of Human Bondage (1934)

    by pizzaflix Added 488 Views / Likes

    Stars: Bette Davis, Leslie Howard, Frances Dee Director: John Cromwell Writer: W. Somerset Maugham (Novel) In this Pre-Code Hollywood melodrama, a young man's quest to win the love of a cold-hearted waitress may ultimately destroy them both. Widely regard

  • The Lady Refuses (1931)

    The Lady Refuses (1931)

    by pizzaflix Added 429 Views / Likes

    Stars: Betty Compson, John Darrow, Gilbert Emery Director: George Archainbaud A destitute young woman, on the verge of becoming a prostitute, is hired by a wealthy man to lure his son from the clutches of a gold-digger.

  • Sarumba (1950)

    Sarumba (1950)

    by pizzaflix Added 361 Views / Likes

    Stars: Tommy Wonder, Michael Whalen, Doris Dowling Director: Marion Gering A sailor goes AWOL when he falls for a Cuban nightclub singer. To win her affections from a wealthy suitor, he helps her invent a crazy new dance that blends a cock fight with the

  • Two Minutes to Play (1936)

    Two Minutes to Play (1936)

    by pizzaflix Added 300 Views / Likes

    Stars: Herman Brix, Edward J. Nugent, Jeanne Martel Director: Bob Hill Two college boys battle over a beautiful coed and gridiron glory.

  • The Reckless Way (1936)

    The Reckless Way (1936)

    by pizzaflix Added 448 Views / Likes

    Stars: Marian Nixon, Kane Richmond, Inez Courtney Director: Bernard B. Ray A high-spirited woman finds work as a model and takes advantage of the publicity she receives, much to the chagrin of her boyfriend.

  • Close Up (1948)

    Close Up (1948)

    by pizzaflix Added 458 Views / Likes

    Stars: Alan Baxter, Virginia Gilmore, Richard Kollmar Director: Jack Donohue When a Nazi war criminal is accidentally caught on film by a newsreel cameraman, he will do everything in his power to get the negative!

  • I Killed That Man (1941)

    I Killed That Man (1941)

    by pizzaflix Added 379 Views / Likes

    Stars: Ricardo Cortez, Joan Woodbury, Pat Gleason Director: Phil Rosen On the eve of his execution, a condemned man decides to tell the authorities who hired him to commit the murder but is killed by a poison dart before he can divulge the name!

  • The Lady in Scarlet (1935)

    The Lady in Scarlet (1935)

    by pizzaflix Added 526 Views / Likes

    Stars: Reginald Denny, Patricia Farr, Jameson Thomas Director: Charles Lamont in this dark detective mystery, a web of blackmail, corruption and stolen bonds are uncovered after a a wealthy art dealer is murdered! or...If you want to be happy and live a k

  • Little Tough Guy (1938)

    Little Tough Guy (1938)

    by pizzaflix Added 388 Views / Likes

    Stars: Billy Halop, Huntz Hall, David Gorcey Director: Harold Young In depression era NYC, an angry street kid begins a life a crime after his father is sentenced to death for a crime he didn't commit.

  • The Pocatello Kid (1931)

    The Pocatello Kid (1931)

    by pizzaflix Added 492 Views / Likes

    Stars: Ken Maynard, Marceline Day, Charles King Director: Phil Rosen Ken Maynard stars in a dual role, a good-bad outlaw as the title character, and his exact double, a bad-bad corrupt sheriff.

  • Trouble at Melody Mesa (1949)

    Trouble at Melody Mesa (1949)

    by pizzaflix Added 398 Views / Likes

    Stars: Brad King, Cal Shrum, Walt Shrum Director: W. Merle Connell When his father dies of suspicious circumstances and an uncle plots to take over the family ranch, the son turns to the town Marshal for help.

  • Songs and Saddles (1938)

    Songs and Saddles (1938)

    by pizzaflix Added 446 Views / Likes

    Stars: Gene Austin, Lynne Berkeley, Henry Roquemore Director: Harry L. Fraser A local schemer and his heavies try to beat an old rancher out of his land, but the old man's foster son returns home and is determined to save the day.

  • The Phantom Cowboy (1935)

    The Phantom Cowboy (1935)

    by pizzaflix Added 413 Views / Likes

    Stars: Ted Wells, Doris Brook, George Chesebro Director: Robert J. Horner A cowboy meets his look-alike known as the Phantom, and gets dragged into a big robbery!

  • Three Guys Named Mike (1951)

    Three Guys Named Mike (1951)

    by pizzaflix Added 472 Views / Likes

    Stars: Jane Wyman, Van Johnson, Howard Keel, Barry Sullivan Director: Charles Walters Screenplay: Sidney Sheldon In this screwball comedy, a career-minded stewardess working her way to the top of American Airlines, romances three men all named Mike.

  • Call of the Yukon (1938)

    Call of the Yukon (1938)

    by pizzaflix Added 339 Views / Likes

    Stars: Richard Arlen, Beverly Roberts, Lyle Talbot Directors: B. Reeves Eason A fur trader guides a writer and her animals to safety in the Yukon territory but face attacks by wolves, an avalanche, and being trapped on a river whose ice floes are melting!

  • Eegah (1962)

    Eegah (1962)

    by pizzaflix Added 541 Views / Likes

    Stars: Richard Kiel, Arch Hall Jr., Marilyn Manning Director: Arch Hall Sr. In this Drive-In classic, a giant caveman goes on the rampage after he falls in love with a ravishing teenage girl! Will her rock 'n' roll boyfriend save the day?

  • His Private Secretary (1933)

    His Private Secretary (1933)

    by pizzaflix Added 408 Views / Likes

    Stars: John Wayne, Evalyn Knapp, Reginald Barlow Director: Phil H. Whitman In this Romantic Comedy, a young John Wayne is atypically cast as a tycoon's irresponsible playboy son.

  • Paradise Island (1930)

    Paradise Island (1930)

    by pizzaflix Added 423 Views / Likes

    Stars: Marceline Day, Kenneth Harlan, Tom Santschi Director: Bert Glennon When a sweet young girl arrives on a sleepy, south sea island to marry her fiancée, she discovers he has gambled away all his money and become a drunk.

  • The Giant Gila Monster (1959)

    The Giant Gila Monster (1959)

    by pizzaflix Added 405 Views / Likes

    Stars: Don Sullivan, Fred Graham, Lisa Simone Writer/Director: Ray Kellogg When a giant, hungry lizard terrorizes a rural Texas community, a hot rod teen is determined to save his town!

  • The Man From Hell (1934)

    The Man From Hell (1934)

    by pizzaflix Added 368 Views / Likes

    Stars: Reb Russell, Gabby Hayes, Fred Kohler Director: Lewis D. Collins Recently released from prison, a cowboy is determined to go straight, but he winds up in a tough western town with trouble at every turn!

  • The Silver Horde (1930)

    The Silver Horde (1930)

    by pizzaflix Added 334 Views / Likes

    Director: George Archainbaud Stars: Joel McCrea, Evelyn Brent, Jean Arthur Adventure and Romance on the harsh Alaskan coast. When a rugged salmon fisherman hooks both a bad girl and a society doll, he must choose which one to throw back!

  • The Zero Hour (1939)

    The Zero Hour (1939)

    by pizzaflix Added 301 Views / Likes

    Stars: Otto Kruger, Frieda Inescort, Adrienne Ames Director: Sidney Salkow A theater producer and his protege star fall in love and decide to wed. In route to their nuptials, tragedy strikes and the would-be groom ends up bound to a wheelchair. Nine years

  • Trauma (1962)

    Trauma (1962)

    by pizzaflix Added 413 Views / Likes

    Stars: Lorrie Richards, John Conte, Lynn Bari Writer/Director: Robert Malcolm Young After witnessing the murder of her aunt many years earlier, a young heiress returns to her childhood home and slowly recalls the traumatic event which caused her amnesia.

  • 1:13:25 Assassin of Youth (1938)

    Assassin of Youth (1938)

    by pizzaflix Added 355 Views / Likes

    Stars: Luana Walters, Arthur Gardner, Dorothy Short Writer/Director: Elmer Clifton After a high-school girl gets involved with teenage dope fiends, a reporter poses as a soda jerk to infiltrate the gang!

  • 1:09:19 The Rogues Tavern (1936)

    The Rogues Tavern (1936)

    by pizzaflix Added 405 Views / Likes

    Stars: Wallace Ford, Barbara Pepper, Joan Woodbury Director: Robert F. Hill A mad killer is on the loose in a hotel on a dark, gloomy night!

  • 1:19:04 The Ring (1952)

    The Ring (1952)

    by pizzaflix Added 781 Views / Likes

    Stars: Gerald Mohr, Rita Moreno, Jack Elam Director: Kurt Neumann A young Mexican-American in East Los Angeles uses the boxing ring to make a better life for himself and his family, and learns as much about being a Latino in a white society as he does abo

  • 1:01:43 Woman In Brown (1948)

    Woman In Brown (1948)

    by pizzaflix Added 308 Views / Likes

    Stars: Conrad Nagel, Fritz Kortner, Reinhold Schünzel Director: W. Lee Wilder In Hungary, a rich baron discovers that there are extensive oil deposits underneath nearby properties owned by villagers. He manages to convince all the property owners to

  • 1:01:59 U67 (1931)

    U67 (1931)

    by pizzaflix Added 405 Views / Likes

    Originally released as The Sea Ghost Stars: Alan Hale Sr., Claud Allister, Clarence Wilson Director: William Nigh Years after losing sight of a German U-boat -- a mistake that led to a costly court-martial -- former U.S. Navy skipper (Hale) comes face to

  • 1:23:28 Tokyo File 212 (1951)

    Tokyo File 212 (1951)

    by pizzaflix Added 371 Views / Likes

    Stars: Florence Marly, Lee Frederick, Katsuhiko Haida Directors: Dorrell McGowan, Stuart E. McGowan A Communist spy ring in Japan is hard at work trying to sabotage the American war effort during the Korean War, using kidnapping, murder and a disturbed fo

  • 1:20:53 Three Steps North (1951)

    Three Steps North (1951)

    by pizzaflix Added 328 Views / Likes

    Stars: Lloyd Bridges, Lea Padovani, Aldo Fabrizi Director: W. Lee Wilder After a prison sentence, an American GI stationed in Italy discovers that his hidden loot has disappeared and goes searching for it.

  • 1:09:18 They Raid by Night (1942)

    They Raid by Night (1942)

    by pizzaflix Added 390 Views / Likes

    Stars: Lyle Talbot, June Duprez, Victor Varconi Director: Spencer Gordon Bennet During WWII, a trio of highly trained commandos is sent to rescue an officer being held prisoner in Nazi Norway.

  • 1:04:29 The Yanks Are Coming (1942)

    The Yanks Are Coming (1942)

    by pizzaflix Added 294 Views / Likes

    Stars: Henry King, Mary Healy, Jack Heller Director: Alexis Thurn-Taxis In this upbeat WW II comedy, a popular band joins the army with the idea of putting on shows for troops overseas. During rehearsals, a battle erupts and the musicians must exchange th

  • 1:10:54 The Marines Are Coming (1934)

    The Marines Are Coming (1934)

    by pizzaflix Added 271 Views / Likes

    Stars: William Haines, Conrad Nagel, Esther Ralston Director: David Howard Expelled from his lieutenancy in the Marine Corps, Bill Traylor reenlists as a private. His unit is sent to a Latin American country where a rebel leader called The Torch promotes

  • 1:11:17 The Man Who Walked Alone (1945)

    The Man Who Walked Alone (1945)

    by pizzaflix Added 366 Views / Likes

    Stars: Dave O'Brien, Kay Aldridge, Walter Catlett Director: Christy Cabanne A war hero returns home following a medical discharge and ends up entangled with a young woman speeding away from her wedding day in her fiance's car. Seeing the soldier, she give

  • 1:15:26 The Keeper of the Bees (1935)

    The Keeper of the Bees (1935)

    by pizzaflix Added 267 Views / Likes

    Stars: Neil Hamilton, Betty Furness, Emma Dunn Director: Christy Cabanne A severely traumatized World War I veteran, believing that he's living on borrowed time, comes upon a peaceful little village and meets an old man called Bee Master and his prot&eacu

  • 1:26:41 The Gatling Gun (1971)

    The Gatling Gun (1971)

    by pizzaflix Added 452 Views / Likes

    Stars: Guy Stockwell, Woody Strode, Patrick Wayne Director: Robert Gordon Two deserters take a Gatling Gun from their cavalry unit to steal gold from an Apache tribe, but the cavalry and the Apache go after them... and the Gun.

  • 50:13 Tanks a Million (1941)

    Tanks a Million (1941)

    by pizzaflix Added 283 Views / Likes

    Stars: William Tracy, Joe Sawyer, Noah Beery Jr. Director: Fred Guiol William Tracy stars as Dodo Doubleday, a feckless Army draftee blessed with a photographic memory. On the verge of being booted out of service because of his constant bumbling, Doubleda

  • 1:04:16 Submarine Base (1943)

    Submarine Base (1943)

    by pizzaflix Added 285 Views / Likes

    Stars: John Litel, Alan Baxter, Eric Blore Director: Albert H. Kelley Ship engineer Jim Taggert is rescued from a torpedoed tramp steamer by Joe Morgan, an American gangster that found New York too hot for him, and has become a fisherman operating from an

  • 1:06:57 Submarine Alert (1943)

    Submarine Alert (1943)

    by pizzaflix Added 252 Views / Likes

    Stars: Richard Arlen, Wendy Barrie and Nils Asther Director: Frank McDonald Writer: Maxwell Shane (original screenplay) Nazi spies use a stolen shortwave transmitter prototype to broadcast top secret shipping info to an offshore Japanese submarine!

  • 1:01:19 Ski Troop Attack (1960)

    Ski Troop Attack (1960)

    by pizzaflix Added 317 Views / Likes

    Stars: Michael Forest, Frank Wolff, Wally Campo Director: Roger Corman An American patrol has to cross behind enemy lines by skis in order to blow up an important railroad bridge. The task is made harder by conflicts between the platoon's veteran sergeant

  • 1:27:44 Warhead (1977)

    Warhead (1977)

    by pizzaflix Added 567 Views / Likes

    Stars: David Janssen, Karin Dor, Christopher Stone Director: John O'Connor A weapons expert is reluctantly sent on a mission to a middle-east warzone to locate a lost nuclear warhead and dismantle it before it falls into the wrong hands. But before he can

  • 1:15:07 Parachute Battalion (1941)

    Parachute Battalion (1941)

    by pizzaflix Added 298 Views / Likes

    Stars: Robert Preston, Edmond O'Brien, Buddy Ebsen Director: Leslie Goodwins In this patriotic war drama, a unit of Army recruits train for a parachute corps. One is an arrogant football star, another is a coward who eventually finds his courage. Finally

  • 1:05:13 Lost in the Stratosphere (1934)

    Lost in the Stratosphere (1934)

    by pizzaflix Added 289 Views / Likes

    Stars: William Cagney, Edward J. Nugent, June Collyer Director: Melville W. Brown Two military pilots are close friends, and share in a lot of hazardous missions while engaging in a series of good-natured romantic rivalries. But when one of the pilots los

  • 1:08:30 Lady from Chungking (1942)

    Lady from Chungking (1942)

    by pizzaflix Added 287 Views / Likes

    Stars: Anna May Wong, Harold Huber, Mae Clark Director: William Nigh After the Japanese invade China in WWII, a young woman leads a band of partisans against the occupying troops.

  • 1:55:42 Journey's End (1930)

    Journey's End (1930)

    by pizzaflix Added 287 Views / Likes

    The following year, director James Whale will make Cinematic History with his landmark film staring Colin Clive as Dr. Frankenstein. Journey's End is a powerful anti-war drama set on the eve of battle, in the trenches of the western front during WWI. A Br

  • 1:20:55 Iron Angel (1964)

    Iron Angel (1964)

    by pizzaflix Added 345 Views / Likes

    Stars: Jim Davis, Don 'Red' Barry, L.Q. Jones Writer/Director: Ken Kennedy A seasoned Sargent with a sorry unit, led by an angry 1st Lt., to take out an enemy hold for a convoy to proceed. After their success the Sarge and the crew meet up with another Li

  • 1:10:32 Identity Unknown (1945)

    Identity Unknown (1945)

    by pizzaflix Added 249 Views / Likes

    Stars: Richard Arlen, Cheryl Walker, Roger Pryor Director: Walter Colmes A soldier survives a bombing in which his three fellow soldiers were killed. When he recovers he discovers he has amnesia, and since his companions' bodies were burned beyond recogni

  • 2:25:02 Hitler's SS: Portrait in Evil (1985)

    Hitler's SS: Portrait in Evil (1985)

    by pizzaflix Added 1,245 Views / Likes

    Stars: Bill Nighy, John Shea, Lucy Gutteridge Director: Jim Goddard The story of Helmut and Karl Hoffmann. Both come of age at the start of Hitler's power in Germany. Helmut joins the SS and eventually becomes a successful flag rank officer. Karl joins th

  • 1:29:38 Hell in Normandy (1968)

    Hell in Normandy (1968)

    by pizzaflix Added 399 Views / Likes

    Stars: Guy Madison, Peter Lee Lawrence, Erika Blanc Director: Alfonso Brescia The movie is set during World War II in the days just prior to the D-Day invasion. A special parachute unit is sent to destroy a German flame thrower installation on Omaha Beach

  • 52:39 Hearts in Bondage (1936)

    Hearts in Bondage (1936)

    by pizzaflix Added 228 Views / Likes

    Stars: James Dunn, Mae Clarke, David Manners Director: Lew Ayres Best friends Kenneth Reynolds and Raymond Jordan are U.S. Navy officers, and Kenneth is engaged to Raymond's sister. But the eruption of the Civil War divides them, as Raymond stands by his

  • 1:26:35 Gung Ho! (1943)

    Gung Ho! (1943)

    by pizzaflix Added 277 Views / Likes

    Stars: Robert Mitchum, Randolph Scott, Noah Beery Jr. Director: Ray Enright The true story of Carlson's Raiders and their World War II attack on Makin Island.

  • 1:30:21 Go for Broke! (1951)

    Go for Broke! (1951)

    by pizzaflix Added 300 Views / Likes

    Stars: Van Johnson, Lane Nakano and George Miki Writer/Director: Robert Pirosh The story of Japanese-American soldiers who fought in Europe during World War II.

  • 1:37:13 Eagle in a Cage (1972)

    Eagle in a Cage (1972)

    by pizzaflix Added 399 Views / Likes

    Stars: John Gielgud, Ralph Richardson, Billie Whitelaw Director: Fielder Cook In 1815, a soldier becomes the governor of St. Helena and jailer of Napoleon!

  • 1:32:36 Desert Commandos (1967)

    Desert Commandos (1967)

    by pizzaflix Added 393 Views / Likes

    Stars: Ken Clark, Horst Frank, Jeanne Valérie Writer/Director: Umberto Lenzi German commandos are dropped behind enemy lines in the Sahara Desert tasked with getting to Casablanca in an assassination attempt on allied leaders.

  • 1:10:31 Corregidor (1943)

    Corregidor (1943)

    by pizzaflix Added 276 Views / Likes

    Stars: Otto Kruger, Elissa Landi, Donald Woods Director: William Nigh Writers: Edgar G. Ulmer A doctor and his staff in a hospital on the Philippine island of Corregidor shortly after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor try to treat the sick, injured and

  • 1:10:58 Battle of Blood Island (1960)

    Battle of Blood Island (1960)

    by pizzaflix Added 327 Views / Likes

    Stars: Richard Devon, Ron Gans, Roger Corman Director: Joel Rapp Two American GIs are the only survivors of a unit wiped out in a battle with Japanese troops on an isolated island. The two, who don't like each other, find try to put aside their difference

  • 1:26:09 Drums in the Deep South (1951)

    Drums in the Deep South (1951)

    by pizzaflix Added 339 Views / Likes

    Stars: Barbara Payton, Guy Madison, James Craig Director: William Cameron Menzies Two old friends find themselves on opposite sides during the Civil War in a desperate battle atop an impregnable mountain.Co-stars Hollywood bad-girl BARBARA PAYTON.

  • 1:15:42 The Limping Man (1953)

    The Limping Man (1953)

    by pizzaflix Added 301 Views / Likes

    Stars: Lloyd Bridges, Moira Lister, Alan Wheatley Director: Cy Endfield A WWII veteran goes back to England after the war only to discover that his wartime sweetheart has got mixed up with a dangerous spy ring!

  • 1:25:33 Enemy of Women (1944)

    Enemy of Women (1944)

    by pizzaflix Added 281 Views / Likes

    Stars: Claudia Drake, Wolfgang Zilzer, Donald Woods Director: Alfred Zeisler The shocking early life Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's Minister of Propaganda! (TEXT is from the film's original poster)

  • 1:12:00 Inside the Lines (1930)

    Inside the Lines (1930)

    by pizzaflix Added 278 Views / Likes

    Stars: Betty Compson, Ralph Forbes, Montagu Love Director: Roy Pomeroy During World War 1, German spies will stop at nothing to spy on the allied war plans stored at Gibraltar.

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