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  • Popular Parlor, Bedroom and Bath (1931)

    Parlor, Bedroom and Bath (1931)

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    Stars: Buster Keaton, Charlotte Greenwood, Reginald Denny Director: Edward Sedgwick In this Pre-Code Keaton comedy, a man hatches a scheme to marry off his would be sister-in-law by disguising a timid dimwit as a bedroom Casanova. Film largely at Keaton's

  • Popular Swing It Professor (1937)

    Swing It Professor (1937)

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    Stars: Pinky Tomlin, Paula Stone, Milburn Stone Director: Marshall Neilan In this timeless classic comedy, when a music professor is fired for not knowing enough about Swing music, he travels to Chicago to study the subject but learns more about gangsters

  • Popular With Love and Kisses (1936)

    With Love and Kisses (1936)

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    Stars: Pinky Tomlin, Toby Wing, Kane Richmond Director: Les Goodwins A country boy with a knack for songwriting falls victim to the music business when he sells a song to repay a loan.

  • Popular The Magnificent Rogue (1946)

    The Magnificent Rogue (1946)

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    Stars: Lynne Roberts, Warren Douglas, Gerald Mohr Director: Albert S. Rogell Cinematography: John Alton While her husband is away fighting during WWII, a young wife successfully manages his advertising business. A snag develops when the husband returns an

  • 50:21 Popular An Old Spanish Custom (1935)

    An Old Spanish Custom (1935)

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    Stars: Buster Keaton, Lupita Tovar, Lyn Harding Director: Adrian Brunel A bumbling yachtsman sails to the South of Spain and trips on a fiery seductress, only to become the pawn in her dangerous game of love.

  • 59:57 Popular The Big Show-Off (1945)

    The Big Show-Off (1945)

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    Stars: Arthur Lake, Dale Evans, Lionel Stander Director: Howard Bretherton In this wacky musical comedy, a shy nightclub pianist poses as a masked wrestler to win the heart of his band's beautiful vocalist (Dale Evans).

  • 1:26:34 Popular No, No, Nanette (1940)

    No, No, Nanette (1940)

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    Stars: Anna Neagle, Richard Carlson, Victor Mature Director: Herbert Wilcox Perky young Nanette attempts to save the marriage of her uncle and aunt by untangling Uncle Jimmy from several innocent but ensnaring flirtations. Attempting one such unentangleme

  • 1:00:11 East Side Kids (1940)

    East Side Kids (1940)

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    This film doesn't feature the gang of NYC actors known as "The East Side Kids." Stars: Leon Ames, Dennis Moore, Joyce Bryant Director: Robert F. Hill A young street kid grows up and becomes a cop when he realizes that crime doesn't pay. One of his childho

  • 1:06:37 Popular Career Girl (1944)

    Career Girl (1944)

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    Stars: Frances Langford, Edward Norris, Iris Adrian Director: Wallace Fox A girl from the country wants to become a Broadway Star, but this proves to be not so easy.

  • 1:01:33 Popular Zis Boom Bah (1941)

    Zis Boom Bah (1941)

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    Stars: Grace Hayes, Peter Lind Hayes, Mary Healy Director: William Nigh "Hey, kids, let's get together and put on a show!" That's the idea behind this raucous spoof about a vaudeville performer who goes to college to spy on her bratty son.

  • 1:16:47 Popular The Girl Said No (1937)

    The Girl Said No (1937)

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    Stars: Robert Armstrong, Irene Hervey, Paula Stone Director: Andrew L. Stone When a dime-a-dance beauty swindles a bookie out of his big bucks, he seeks revenge by duping her into backing a down-and-out Gilbert & Sullivan revival company in which she

  • 51:51 Popular Who Killed Doc Robbin (1948)

    Who Killed Doc Robbin (1948)

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    Stars: Larry Olsen, Eilene Janssen and Peter Miles Director: Bernard Carr A group of people find themselves trapped in a creepy mansion, complete with secret passageways, a mad doctor and a murderous gorilla!

  • 1:15:37 Popular When's Your Birthday? (1937)

    When's Your Birthday? (1937)

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    Stars: Joe E. Brown, Marian Marsh and Fred Keating Director: Harry Beaumont Some shady characters discover that a sad sack nightclub bus boy has the ability to predict outcomes of races and other events through astrology.

  • 09:13 Popular War Babies (1932)

    War Babies (1932)

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    Stars: Shirley Temple Director: Charles Lamont A group of soldiers in a café watch a dancer as she entertains them, but later two of them become rivals over her.

  • 10:44 Waldo's Last Stand (1940)

    Waldo's Last Stand (1940)

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    Stars: Robert Blake, Lavonne Battle, Janet Burston Director: Edward L. Cahn The Our Gang kids offer to help their pal Waldo attract customers to his lemonade stand. Redecorating their clubhouse as a lavish nightclub, the kids stage an elaborate floorshow,

  • 59:09 Wagon Wheels (1934)

    Wagon Wheels (1934)

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    Stars: Randolph Scott, Gail Patrick, Billy Lee Director: Charles Barton Writers: Zane Grey (novel) Three veteran scouts are leading a wagon train of settlers to the Oregon Territory. Fearing that an influx of settlers and merchants-to-follow would tear do