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  • 55:57 Popular The Last of the Clintons (1935)

    The Last of the Clintons (1935)

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    Writer/Director: Harry Fraser Stars: Harry Carey, Betty Mack, Del Gordon A cowboy infiltrates an outlaw gang to expose them, but after he's ordered to kidnap a young girl they find out his true identity!

  • Popular The Pocatello Kid (1931)

    The Pocatello Kid (1931)

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    Stars: Ken Maynard, Marceline Day, Charles King Director: Phil Rosen Ken Maynard stars in a dual role, a good-bad outlaw as the title character, and his exact double, a bad-bad corrupt sheriff.

  • Popular Trouble at Melody Mesa (1949)

    Trouble at Melody Mesa (1949)

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    Stars: Brad King, Cal Shrum, Walt Shrum Director: W. Merle Connell When his father dies of suspicious circumstances and an uncle plots to take over the family ranch, the son turns to the town Marshal for help.

  • Range Warfare (1934)

    Range Warfare (1934)

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    Stars: Reb Russell, Wally Wales, Lucille Lund Director: S. Roy Luby A Marshal is sent to investigate a large-scale rustling operation carried out by a well organized gang of outlaws.

  • Songs and Saddles (1938)

    Songs and Saddles (1938)

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    Stars: Gene Austin, Lynne Berkeley, Henry Roquemore Director: Harry L. Fraser A local schemer and his heavies try to beat an old rancher out of his land, but the old man's foster son returns home and is determined to save the day.

  • The Phantom Cowboy (1935)

    The Phantom Cowboy (1935)

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    Stars: Ted Wells, Doris Brook, George Chesebro Director: Robert J. Horner A cowboy meets his look-alike known as the Phantom, and gets dragged into a big robbery!

  • Call of the Yukon (1938)

    Call of the Yukon (1938)

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    Stars: Richard Arlen, Beverly Roberts, Lyle Talbot Directors: B. Reeves Eason A fur trader guides a writer and her animals to safety in the Yukon territory but face attacks by wolves, an avalanche, and being trapped on a river whose ice floes are melting!

  • Saddle Mountain Roundup (1941)

    Saddle Mountain Roundup (1941)

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    Stars: Ray Corrigan, John 'Dusty' King, Max Terhune Director: S. Roy Luby A mysterious killer called The Raven is on the loose, and the Range Busters must prevent him from killing an old man and his servant.

  • Popular The Man From Hell (1934)

    The Man From Hell (1934)

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    Stars: Reb Russell, Gabby Hayes, Fred Kohler Director: Lewis D. Collins Recently released from prison, a cowboy is determined to go straight, but he winds up in a tough western town with trouble at every turn!

  • Where Trails Divide (1937)

    Where Trails Divide (1937)

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    Stars: Tom Keene, Warner Richmond, Eleanor Stewart Director: Robert N. Bradbury When a lawyer moves out west to a lawless frontier town, he takes over as Sheriff and begins dealing out his own brand justice.

  • 1:26:09 Popular Drums in the Deep South (1951)

    Drums in the Deep South (1951)

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    Stars: Barbara Payton, Guy Madison, James Craig Director: William Cameron Menzies Two old friends find themselves on opposite sides during the Civil War in a desperate battle atop an impregnable mountain.Co-stars Hollywood bad-girl BARBARA PAYTON.

  • 1:14:11 Popular Yuma (1971)

    Yuma (1971)

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    Stars: Clint Walker, Barry Sullivan, Kathryn Hays Director: Ted Post A tough marshal is sent to clean up a lawless western town.

  • 56:57 Wolves of the Range (1943)

    Wolves of the Range (1943)

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    Stars: Robert Livingston, Al St. John, Frances Gladwin Director: Sam Newfield Dorn is after the rancher's land and is trying to stop Banker Brady from helping them. When his man Hammond kills Brady, there is a run on the bank. When Rocky volunteers to rid

  • 58:34 Wildfire (1945)

    Wildfire (1945)

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    Stars: Bob Steele, Sterling Holloway, John Miljan Director: Robert Emmett Tansey Fanning has his men rustle horses and then blame it on a wild horse named Wildfire. Happy and Alkali arrive and immediately get into trouble with Fanning and his men. When Al

  • 55:43 Wild Brian Kent (1936)

    Wild Brian Kent (1936)

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    Stars: Ralph Bellamy, Mae Clarke, Helen Lowell Director: Howard Bretherton Polo player Brian stops in a Kansas town and find a girl and her aunt needing money to keep their ranch. He also finds his new real estate partner is the crook trying to do the wom

  • 1:22:00 Popular Vengeance Valley (1951)

    Vengeance Valley (1951)

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    Stars: Burt Lancaster, Robert Walker, Joanne Dru Director: Richard Thorpe A cattle baron takes in an orphaned boy and raises him, causing his own son to resent the boy. As they get older the resentment festers into hatred, and eventually the real son fram